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Five Top Tips and Tricks for Staging Your Home on a Budget

living room photo for staging your home

Many people considering listing their home for sale, or having a property which has been stuck on the market for a while may have thought about staging their home. The techniques of home staging tend to be a little more complex than simply repainting your walls in a neutral palate of colors and baking a loaf of bread. Successful home staging requires some careful consideration, but it need not cost a fortune. Here are the five top tips and tricks for staging your home on even the tightest budget.

staging your home for sale

1. Highlight the amount of space:
This is one of the best strategies for maximizing your selling potential and showcasing your home. You need to allow any viewers to see how spacious your home actually is, which will create a greater level of interest. To make the best possible use of the space in your home, you should clear away any excess furniture, which could be making the room appear to be cluttered. Although, you may need a large dining table and several couches for large family occasions such as the holidays, you probably don’t use them everyday. If you have an extending dining table, collapse it down to the smallest possible size and remove the extra couches. You should also pack up any of your belongings which you are currently not using. This will create additional space in closets and storage areas. However, avoid placing these items in the garage or basement, as your potential buyers will also want to view all of these areas. Instead consider asking family or friends for help with storage or using a short term storage unit.

2. Give each room definition:
While many of us have multipurpose rooms in the home, in order to successfully showcase the beauty of your home, each room needs to be given clear definition. The bedrooms should feel inviting and relaxing, so any pieces of gym equipment in the corner will act as a distraction. Your bathrooms should feel bright and sparkling clean, so hide away any personal items and toiletries in a storage cupboard.

3. Don’t make the rooms too sterile:
This is a common mistake that many people staging their homes make. Many people will advise removing all personal items but this can be detrimental. Instead you should aim to make the home feel welcoming and warm. It can be a good idea to refresh the paint color on the walls with a neutral shade, but be sure to use your soft furnishings and ornaments to create color accents. To soften the rooms, make sure all the drapes or blinds are open to give an airy and bright ambiance. If a room is lacking in natural light, you may wish to consider adding a mirror to reflect any light and create a feeling of space.

4. Avoid sensory overload:
Many people rush to put on the coffee pot and fire up the oven with a loaf of bread or cookies, when they have a viewing arranged. This can be a big mistake. Although you will want to remove any pet odors or stale smells from inside your home, creating “welcoming” smells such as these can actually raise a red flag with your potential buyer. Many people will assume that you are trying to hide an issue, so it is best to just ensure that you home is fresh and clean. If you wish to add a scent, choose one which complements your home. For example, if your home has natural wooden features, you could create a lovely ambiance with a slight hint of pine. However, if you are unsure about scents, it is best to err on the side of caution and just ensure the home is thoroughly clean.

5. Tell your Realtor:
This is one of the most important tips after you have gone to the effort of home staging. You must tell your real estate agent / Realtor and have them update your listing with new photographs. This will ensure that you maximize interest and actually get viewers through the door to appreciate your efforts.
Staging your home can be one of the most effective ways to sell your home for the best possible price, quickly. However, it can be inadvisable to spend a great deal of money on staging. Following these tips and tricks will enable you to stage your home on a budget and create a welcoming environment for your potential buyers.