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Top 4 things to focus on when selling your home.

selling your home

It seems everyone has their opinion of what are the most important aspects of selling your home and where to focus your attention.

1) Pricing is always number 1.

If your home is not priced right than most buyers will not even give it a second look. Buyers today have access to data that will give them a good idea of what a typical property is worth. You don’t want to overprice the home because the most important time of the listing period is when it is new and fresh. You need to take in comparable sales, market condition, interest rates, and time of year.

As a Realtor, we have to look at current properties for sale and assess the competition. We also have to look at the past sales and past listings that did not sell. When an appraiser does an appraisal, they look at past sales and come up with a value. Real estate agents have to examine more factor and see where the market is going and a good price point.

2) Online Pictures

90% of Potential buyers are going to lookup of initially find your home online. If the pictures online are of poor quality, you could possibly lose their interest. If your pictures online are poor in quality, ask your agent to retake them or hire a professional photographer to take them. This means that before you have the agent out to take pictures put in some extra time and make your house top notch.

selling your home
3) Curb Appeal

I have had many buyers that are turned off as soon as we pull up to a property because the yard is a disaster and not up kept. This will also show up in the picture that are online. I am not trying to say you need to hire a landscaper and pay big money to redo your landscaping. Sometimes a little redesign and landscaping is needed but most of the time it just needs to be groomed and clean. Keep the yard mowed, trash cleaned up, and the bushes trimmed.

If you don’t get people to look at your home than there is no chance you are going to sell. Once you get them in the house, it needs to be clean.

4) Cleanliness

If your house is dirty, it could cost you money. A clean house shows that you care about your home and take pride in it. If the house is dusty and dirty, cobwebs in the corners, crumbs in the kitchen corner, grimy build up on the shower, dirty toilets and anything else you can add. This gives the potential buyer the mindset of what else do they not take care of.

If I go to meet with a potential client that wants to sell their home and they ask what should be done, I will always tell them to make sure their home is clean and in order. It will bring them more money. I might also tell them to make repairs and fix a few thing if needed, but I always tell them Clean, Clean Again, and then Hire someone to clean. You will find things the second time around that you missed the first time, and a professional cleaning company will get EVERYTHING. You might even think about having them come in on a weekly basis so you can enjoy time with your family and not be cleaning all the time.

Why Consider a Remodel when Planning to Sell your Home?

Kitchen Remodel for Drywall Photo

Many homeowners are looking forward to moving to a home with a better equipped kitchen or a master bath. Often, this is the primary reason for wanting to move home in the first place. This makes the reluctance of sellers to commit to a remodeling project, before listing their home understandable. However, this may be a mistake, since research has shown that a remodel can increase the chances of a quick sale, often with most of the cost recouped.

kitchen remodel

If you are considering a remodel before listing your property for sale, it will require some careful planning and thought. Market research has shown that a kitchen or bathroom remodel provides the greatest return. Other remodel projects, such as master bedrooms and family bathrooms can also yield great results. However, if you are seeking the maximum possible increase in value, your home should be sold within a year of the completion of the remodel.

The key to recouping the value of the remodel with a quick sale is to create a feeling of space. This will make your home feel new and fresh. Industry experts agree, that in most cases adding additional space, will add a greater value. While spending money on basic maintenance tasks, will not increase the potential value of your property, it could increase buyer curb appeal and help sell your home. However, you should consider, that the longer the time period, between completion of the remodel and when you sell your home, the smaller amount of value added.

Many homeowners assume that remodeling their home with an addition is the best way to add value. However, this is not the most efficient method of increasing value. Additions involve higher costs, which will generally only allow you to recoup eighty percent of the expense, on the value of your home. The most common method of adding value is with a kitchen remodel. The kitchen is a frequently used room by all members of the family, so a freshly remodeled kitchen holds great buyer appeal.

Before committing to a remodel, it is important to consider the curb appeal of your home. You will find it disappointing to spend money on remodeling your home, if the property lacks the wow factor to attract potential buyers inside for a viewing. You should also consider the existing properties in your neighborhood. For example, building a two story addition, is likely to yield a smaller increase in value if it is the only one in the area. Additionally, installing an updated kitchen, in an area where the surrounding properties have already remodeled kitchens, will only bring your property back to the standard set in the neighborhood. To increase value in this scenario, you will need to create something particularly special.

While you will wish to keep an eye on expenses, when remodeling your home for sale, it is important that the work is of a high standard. Cutting corners with cheap materials and workmanship will often be counterproductive. You should research your remodeling quotes properly and be aware that the cheapest estimate may not always be your best option. It is far better to obtain a referral from a friend or family member. A properly planned and implemented remodel will help to ensure that your home sells more quickly and commands a higher price. This can make it well worth any inconvenience and expense incurred during the remodel. While a remodel may not seem important when you are planning to sell your home, it could actually see you moving to your new home far more quickly.