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Why Consider a Remodel when Planning to Sell your Home?

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Many homeowners are looking forward to moving to a home with a better equipped kitchen or a master bath. Often, this is the primary reason for wanting to move home in the first place. This makes the reluctance of sellers to commit to a remodeling project, before listing their home understandable. However, this may be a mistake, since research has shown that a remodel can increase the chances of a quick sale, often with most of the cost recouped.

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If you are considering a remodel before listing your property for sale, it will require some careful planning and thought. Market research has shown that a kitchen or bathroom remodel provides the greatest return. Other remodel projects, such as master bedrooms and family bathrooms can also yield great results. However, if you are seeking the maximum possible increase in value, your home should be sold within a year of the completion of the remodel.

The key to recouping the value of the remodel with a quick sale is to create a feeling of space. This will make your home feel new and fresh. Industry experts agree, that in most cases adding additional space, will add a greater value. While spending money on basic maintenance tasks, will not increase the potential value of your property, it could increase buyer curb appeal and help sell your home. However, you should consider, that the longer the time period, between completion of the remodel and when you sell your home, the smaller amount of value added.

Many homeowners assume that remodeling their home with an addition is the best way to add value. However, this is not the most efficient method of increasing value. Additions involve higher costs, which will generally only allow you to recoup eighty percent of the expense, on the value of your home. The most common method of adding value is with a kitchen remodel. The kitchen is a frequently used room by all members of the family, so a freshly remodeled kitchen holds great buyer appeal.

Before committing to a remodel, it is important to consider the curb appeal of your home. You will find it disappointing to spend money on remodeling your home, if the property lacks the wow factor to attract potential buyers inside for a viewing. You should also consider the existing properties in your neighborhood. For example, building a two story addition, is likely to yield a smaller increase in value if it is the only one in the area. Additionally, installing an updated kitchen, in an area where the surrounding properties have already remodeled kitchens, will only bring your property back to the standard set in the neighborhood. To increase value in this scenario, you will need to create something particularly special.

While you will wish to keep an eye on expenses, when remodeling your home for sale, it is important that the work is of a high standard. Cutting corners with cheap materials and workmanship will often be counterproductive. You should research your remodeling quotes properly and be aware that the cheapest estimate may not always be your best option. It is far better to obtain a referral from a friend or family member. A properly planned and implemented remodel will help to ensure that your home sells more quickly and commands a higher price. This can make it well worth any inconvenience and expense incurred during the remodel. While a remodel may not seem important when you are planning to sell your home, it could actually see you moving to your new home far more quickly.


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Top Tips to Remodel Your Kitchen on a Tight Budget

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Most people that look into remodeling their kitchen, take one look at the prices and quotes, and immediately shelve the idea. A kitchen remodel can cost literally thousands of dollars, it’s beyond the reach of many people that are selling their home or on a tight budget. However, there are ways to drastically cut costs and still get a great end result.

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1. Plan and Stick to a Budget

Be realistic in what you would like to achieve and work out a budget. It’s very easy to get carried away and add a few dollars here and there. The next thing you know the budget is totally out of control. Consider what you really need your kitchen for, or if you’re looking to sell, imagine what a potential buyer would expect. If you eat a lot of take-out, a multi-burner cook-top and double oven is probably overkill.

2. Frugal Shopping

Always look for the best price that you can get, if you need to update expensive items this is crucial. Getting a saving of 10% on an appliance, will really help your budget and give you funds to spend elsewhere. Stay away from professional appliances, as they are expensive and many manufacturers now have cheaper product lines. These appliances mimic the form and function so well, few would notice the difference. However, it’s not just big ticket items that you need to keep an eye on, many smaller purchases like faucets, can really add up into bigger costs, so always be looking for the very best deal possible, on everything.

3. Work with What You Have

It may be that some of the elements in your kitchen just need freshening up. Cabinets could be repainted or perhaps only the doors need repainting. Replacing a few cracked tiles would cheaper than getting a whole new backsplash. If you have cheaper cabinets, they can be updated with some smart new pulls and knobs.

4. Create a Tile Counter Top

Everyone would love to have a granite or stone counter top, but they are very expensive. This one item would put a huge dent in your budget and should be avoided. However, all is not lost as you could create an interesting counter top using tiles. There are many types to choose from in a wide variety of colors. Stone tiles are especially great in the kitchen, as counter tops, backsplashes and floor coverings. Expensive tiles can be used as an accent, coordinating with cheaper tiles to save even more money.

5. Create a Custom Backsplash

Even if you only have rudimentary DIY skills you could make and fit a custom backsplash in your kitchen. You don’t have to be restricted to tile or glass, any surface that can be easily wiped down is fair game. Let your imagination run wild, metal sheeting like: copper, stainless steel, tin or galvanized aluminum can really make a kitchen pop. Metal sheeting can be had fairly cheaply and it’s easy to work with. For those with artistic sensibilities why not make a mosaic backsplash using pottery shards, glass or pieces of tile.

6. Accent with Modern Storage

A kitchen can get a contemporary lift with some modern budget storage solutions. Many furniture stores such as IKEA, carry a budget range of metal furniture suitable for the kitchen. These pieces can add a smart clean industrial look to a kitchen. Some kitchen supply stores, can supply low cost stainless steel shelving units and rolling carts with sliding side doors. Used in moderation, these units can create an interesting professional accent to your existing kitchen. If used more extensively, you could change the tone of your kitchen completely.

If you can stick to your budget and resist the significant temptation to spend more, it is possible to remodel your kitchen on a tight budget. Effective planning, budgeting and frugal shopping habits are crucial. Hopefully by following these tips you can get your kitchen remodeled and save a lot of money.