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A Basic Guide to Choosing a New Color Palette for Your Home

Color Swatch for Repainting Your Living Room

For a great number of homeowners, the thought of changing the color scheme of their home can be a little daunting. Many people are often a little overwhelmed by the prospect of changing the color palette of their home. Decorating in more daring colors, from delicate pastels to bold vibrant tones, can dramatically alter the ambiance of your home. Color can be an excellent way to make a statement and enhance a desired mood. However, by carefully considering your color palette, you can ensure that the rooms in your home reflect your creativity, taste and personality.

color palette for your home

Don’t be afraid of white:
White is one of the most popular colors of paint and decor. It is a neutral and safe color, which can be the perfect complement to all types of flooring and furnishings. Despite being a very flexible color, it can sometimes be a little bland. However, white can create a very clean and contemporary look, providing an excellent way to showcase bright accessories and personal belongings. By ensuring that you have plenty of color accents, your room should feel bright without feeling cold and sterile.

Create warmth with earth tones:
Earth tones such as browns, beiges and reds are becoming increasingly popular in home decorating. Even adding small accents of these colors can add an opulence and rich warm texture to your home. The spectrum of these shades can vary very dramatically, from rich browns and bold reds through to softer terracotta or beige tones. This enables earth tones to be used in a number of rooms throughout the home, to create romantic sumptuous effects in bedrooms, cozy comfortable moods in rest areas or a bold ambiance in a kitchen.

Consider blues:
Blue shades were traditionally reserved for decorating boy’s bedrooms. However, the wide spectrum of blue tones has had a revival in the last few years. Blue tones can actually be very versatile. They can be used to create an energetic mood with bolder shades or a relaxed atmosphere with warmer more muted tones. Blue is also a very contemporary color for bathrooms and kitchens, as it can be used to create a crisp clean ambiance. The color is also great to use in complementing other colors including yellows, greens and whites. These color combinations can be used to create themes such as sunny beaches, nautical or even warm oceans.

Experiment with a feature wall:
If you are lacking the courage to commit to a full bold color transformation in your home, why not experiment with a feature wall. This allows you to use a bolder color on one wall, while keeping the remaining walls neutral and subdued. The colors can be from the same shade palette for a dramatic effect or use contrasting colors for a sense of vibrancy and fun. Using this technique can allow you to gain confidence in your choice of colors without making a big commitment. However, you should consider the colors of your furnishing or accessories in order to ensure that they complement your new color choices and are showcased properly in the new room.

Experimenting with new color palettes for your home can be a fun way to improve your home and allow the rooms to reflect your creativity and personality. It is worth taking a little time to consider the type of ambiance you wish to create in your chosen room before deciding on your color choices. This will ensure that your chosen colors enhance this atmosphere and complement the theme of the room decoration. When you are considering redecorating your home, don’t just purchase the same old shades of off white but try having a little fun with color, you may be amazed at the dramatic effects that you can create.