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A Spring Cleaning Guide to Prepare Your Home For Sale

Spring Cleaning Photo

Spring is one of the most popular seasons for selling and buying houses. This makes it a perfect time to freshen up your home and to make prepare house for sale checklist. However, you don’t have to wait until Spring, to do a Spring clean. Whether your home is already for sale, or you’re considering listing it, a spring clean can air out your home and increase the appeal for potential buyers. Even if you are an excellent housekeeper throughout the whole year, there are few tricks and tips to ensure that even forgotten areas are covered and help to sell your home quickly

spring cleaning you home

Your Baseboards:
This is one aspect of the flooring which is often missed. However, in order to achieve a bright finish, you might not necessarily need to repaint. Cleaning your baseboards can also provide a fresh look. Be sure you avoid cleaning your baseboards until you have finished your floors, otherwise you may find dust or debris is transferred to the freshly cleaned surface. You may find the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner useful in removing surface dust. This will allow you to then use a detergent spray to clean the baseboard and make it shine.

Your Lighting:
Newly cleaned light fittings and ceiling fans will immediately lighten and brighten your home. Use the attachments from your vacuum cleaner to remove any surface dust or debris. You should then wipe down with an all purpose cleaning product. Ceiling fans need not be dismantled for cleaning. Spray a cleaning solution on the inside of an old pillowcase. This can be then placed over each blade and wiped the full length of the blade, to clean both sides.

Your Walls:
Many home owners go the extra expense of applying new wall coverings, or fresh paint to make their walls appear fresh and clean. However, this may not be necessary, as cleaning alone can create a fresh appearance. You should ensure that all spider webs are removed from the corners and use the brush attachment to dust the wall. This will remove any surface debris or dust, you can then clean the wall. Use a cloth and an all purpose cleaning product, but be sure to remove excess liquid to avoid soaking the wall. To avoid streaking, don’t spray any cleaning products directly on to the wall.

Your Windows:
Natural light is the key to presenting your home properly, so your windows need to be cleaned very well. Freshen up any drapes or blinds following the specific cleaning instructions. However, your cleaning efforts should not stop there. The frames, glass and screens should also have a good clean. While there are a number of products available for glass cleaning, a mixture of vinegar and dish detergent will usually create a great finish. Simply mix one part detergent to one part vinegar and dilute it with water for a streak free shine. Clean with a microfiber cloth and dry off the glass with kitchen paper.

Cleaning window screens can be a little more tricky and you will find that the best way to clean them is to remove the screens for washing outdoors. Use your garden hose with a soft brush and an all purpose cleaning product. For ease of rehanging be sure to label the screens and fittings as you remove them. Take care to use the brush softly to avoid damaging the screen. This is also a great time to repair any damaged screen before rehanging them.

Your Home Exterior:
While you have your garden hose out, it is a great time to clean the exterior of your home. Wash down your driveway and siding. Any oil stains on the driveway may need additional detergent to fully remove the mark. Use a long handled soft brush and warm soapy water to avoid damaging the paintwork on the siding. If you do use a power washer, be sure to use a low power setting to avoid causing damage.

Whether you already have your home listed for sale or you are just considering selling, a good spring clean is a great idea. This will ensure that your home looks bright and feels fresh for you and your potential buyers to enjoy.