Josh Kindlesparker

Madison County Realtor

Integrity and Drive

Four years in the U.S. Marine Corps honed Josh's drive, discipline and loyalty. Josh attained the rank of Sergeant E-5 in 3-1/2 years. An additional 10 years of experience working as a chef built Josh's character, commitment and sense of personal integrity. Josh commits wholeheartedly to his clients, keeping the best interests of both clients paramount.

These characteristics make Josh a real estate agent who cares deeply and commits personally to the successful sale of your home or the successful purchase of your next home. When you're making a life decision of this magnitude, place your trust in someone with Josh's integrity.

Protect and Serve

Josh can, and will, help anyone with their Real Estate needs. Being that he served in the Military he feels obligated to give back. That was the reason behind him starting the Veterans Only Program. This program is designed to help Veterans, Active Military, and Military Families get all the benefits they deserve while buying or selling their home.

Many people see this category as easy prey. He has stepped in and put himself between the the wolves and the Veterans. He is the guard dog keeping the wolves at bay.

More info on Veteran Benefits.

A Realtor With Insight

Before transitioning into the role of real estate agent, Josh spent over 10 years as a landlord and property investor. Josh's wealth of insight into the rental and sale market, combined with his passion for helping people sell their homes, makes him a competitive Realtor in Anderson.

Josh is very investor friendly and it does not matter if you are just getting started or have been doing it for years. Give him a call and he will not let you down.

Easy Exit Listing Agreement

Josh puts customer service at the heart of every relationship. His unique Easy Exit Listing Agreement gives clients the right to walk away if they feel Josh is not doing everything possible to satisfy them. Josh's drive to succeed combined with his dedication to excellent customer service make for a winning recipe. With every client, Josh strives go exceed the call of duty and deliver results through an excellent standard of service and industry insight.

Josh Kindlesparker

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Certified Military Residential Specialist